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The true definition of quality living is in Camella Molino. Here, you will have well-built housing units with an integrated network of amenities and facilities. All these are available to you within a few meters from your house. The gated expanse of this community creates a sense of belonging. Unless you really want to, this community can be an all-under-one-roof environment without any need to go out for fun activities. 

Think about the open spaces that stretch to the perimeter fence where you can walk and just have a lovely time with your family. The clubhouse which is centrally located is one of the most sought-after amenities in every modern real estate development.  The clubhouse can be your favorite joint if you love playing pool or you enjoy having a cup of tea outside your home. Lots of people come here to just have a space and talk their private issues out. 

The parks and playground are another key addition to this development. With so much space for fun, Camella Molino encourages bonding and community living. In the parks, you will interact with nature as you appreciate the lush greens all around with nicely landscaped gardens. 

Even though the commercial and business indicators around Camella Molino show a very vibrant community, right here inside the development there is an area set aside for commercial activities. This means you can do all your shopping right here and even work within the environment. This brings convenience even closer as you sample the best that Camella Molino has. 

Security is a highly prioritized area in this development. Despite being in a peri-urban area that enjoys all the conveniences of city’s security detail, the developer also thought it wise to have a well demarcated community with a perimeter wall surrounding it. The wall is electrified for added security and this is something Camella does to all their homes. The entrance gate is massive and well-secured by a 24/7 security presence. 

The electrical system consisting of underground cables is one of the safest ways to distribute electricity in a large community like Camella Molino. Naked and overhanging wires are a hazard which means having them buried underground reduces instances of electrocution and falling poles. To make the power distribution even more reliable, Camella Molino has a backup generator and a solar power system installed on every house. This is very beneficial as it cuts down on your household utility expenses. Water supply is also guaranteed with the city water system working efficiently. On top of this, there is plenty of water harvesting structures here to take advantage of the monsoon rains. Come to think of it, Camella Molino has a green concept underlying its construction.

  • Open Spaces
  • Clubhouse
  • Parks & Playground
  • Commercial Area
  • Entrance gate with 24-hour security
  • Underground drainage system
  • Meralco-supplied electrical system
  • Individual septic tanks, water & electricity
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