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Camella Molino is Located at Bayanan, Bacoor, Cavite.

Very few developments enjoy such strategic location as Camella Molino. Actually, at Barangay Bayanan, this development stands out as a key landmark and a reference point for anyone touring this area. As you head to Las Pinas from the intersection between Molino National Road and Molino Boulevard, you will find Camella Molino on the right. In terms of general elevation, this area is about 37 meters above sea level. The land is sloping towards Las Pinas as evidenced by the Zapote River that flows towards that way. 

Living at Camella Molino is very convenient if you want to enjoy the modern facilities the city has to offer without being a victim to the hustles and bustles of modern day trading capitals. As a young family or a person starting life, it is expected that you would be looking for areas to settle down that are first and foremost closer to town and also well connected through a robust road network. This is what Camella Molino is. The Molino National Road is extensive and connects with other major roads in the area giving you stress-free transport options depending on where you want to go. From here, you can comfortably go to Las Pinas, to Alabang, Dasma, or General Trias. Even if you want to go to the Imus Market, you simply connect with Molino Boulevard and then down Aguinaldo Highway. 

Here, you will find schools such as Bacoor National High School which was started in 1972 and now has grown to accommodate lots of students from different backgrounds. It has two campuses; the main campus and an annex campus. There is also an elementary school known as Bayanan Elementary School which you can enroll your children and be guaranteed of a value-based education system. 

The presence of health facilities around here is also one of the pointers that investments in the health sector have been given a priority. For the expectant and nursing mothers, Mother Care Maternity Clinic works 24/7 just to attend to them. Molino Doctors Hospital is also a state of the art facility that is well equipped and staffed to attend to various health conditions and referral cases. 

When you live here, the shopping experience you will enjoy in the nearby malls and shopping centers is unbelievable. The RFC Molino Mall and SM Center Molino Road are among the best shopping complexes everyone would want to visit. Here, you will find a variety of stores each stocking local and international brands. If you want to relax and just have fun with your family, there are various resorts here including Midori Private Resort, Sun Glory Garden Resort, and last but not least an expansive space known as Heavenly Peace Memorial Garden where you can visit and just lie in the quietness.

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